There’s a cool comedian/storyteller called Dave Roche. He’s a guy who was terribly disfigured as an infant and has a shocking (some would say awful) appearance.

Here’s a quote from his website:

“When I walk on stage, I encourage the audience to ask, ‘What happened to your face?’

“I then explain that I was born with a severe facial disfigurement. On the left side of my face is an extensive cavernous hemangioma, a benign tumor consisting of blood vessels. As an infant and child I underwent many facial surgeries and heavy radiation therapy, which left radiation burns on my temple and eyelid.

“Yet my face is a gift, because my shadow side – my difficulty and challenge – is on the outside, where I have been forced to deal with it.

What I love about what he lays out is the difference between shadow side and ‘public’ side.

Think about the shadow side of all behaviours. Remember – we do things to get stuff for ourselves. The question to ponder in each context is this: is the doing the shadow or is it the getting?


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