I get several calls every week from people interested in NLP. Invariably they call because in part they are quite curious about why our course is fully 2 – 3 times longer (at almost the same price) than every other NLP Training in Canada (or to be honest most of the USA).

Get it – we train for 18-days and others train 3, 6, 9 and in very rare cases 12 days.

The answer stems from a conversation I had with Robert Dilts in 2006.

I felt I was at a huge disadvantage in the market where I felt ‘Certification farms’ were putting out certificates without properly providing the requisite SKILLS to be an NLP Practitioner (I can easily give information about NLP in a much shorter time…but conferring skill…well that just takes longer. Would you rather the airline pilot who only trained using the flight simulator? Didn’t think so)…in other words my competitors could run one training per month and I could only run 3-4 per year!!! Talk about losing the market! So I told Robert I had been considering adjusting my (then) 16-day course back down to 12 days…which NLP Centres CANADA offered when I bought the company in 2001.

And to be very clear my family lives off my NLP training and coaching. I don’t have another job (and other than part-time trainers in Canada I am fairly confident I’m one of  a small handful who can say that without lying) that supplements my income. It all comes from NLP.

Robert was as passionate as I’ve ever seen him. He told me that when he, Leslie Cameron and David Gordon created the first NLP Certification, they were 30 days long!! He talked about not following the market down to the bottom (short courses providing ‘Certification’ in NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, TimeLines..yadda yadda etc) and holding the level of quality that he and Judy (and David and Leslie) had held since the beginning.

I also checked with John Grinder and he replied,

“My impression is (another NLP training company in Toronto is)  focussed on the money as opposed to quality training. A six day certification in practitioner is, from my personal point of view, pretty much a joke.”

So that was the convincer….and as a result instead of contracting and compressing, our courses have expanded and extended; we are and continue to offer the highest quality NLP Training in Canada by a huge margin, making sure we hit ALL the Certification Criteria established by the Canadian (and International) Association(s) of NLP.

Simply put, we keep increasing as they keep decreasing quantity and quality.

And in 2014, we are INCREASING the number of days to 20 at a tiny increase, as well as bringing in famous (in NLP terms) trainers from the field to keep you connected to the source of NLP.


  • If you are interested in properly learning NLP techniques and being fully and properly accredited as an NLP Practitioner to the standard that European and WorldWide NLP Practitioners have been trained to!
  • If you’re truly interested in NLP that connects you to all three major evolutions in the field…
  • If you’re truly interested in absorbing skills over ‘kinda’ learning NLP techniques…
  • If you want to grow in the areas of Leadership, Management, Sales, Communications, Coaching, Therapy…
  • If you want to learn techniques that are properly NLP-based instead of vague weird theories that are only obliquely connected to the field
  • If you want to learn from people connected to the source of NLP (instead of being 6 generations down the pipe)

(and I could go on…)

Then check us out. We don’t sugarcoat the NLP world to suit your needs (i.e. to take your money), but tell it straight up every time.

As always if you have questions contact me at hugh (at) nlpworks.com!




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