Protect the ‘then what’…

At NLPWORKS, We train right downtown in a major metropolitan city. In some ways that's a good thing. In Toronto, every once in a while there can be an event that makes it difficult for us to get to where we train (actually because it's in such an awesome location every event seems to want [...]

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Why our NLP Certification course is 18 days long

I get several calls every week from people interested in NLP. Invariably they call because in part they are quite curious about why our course is fully 2 - 3 times longer (at almost the same price) than every other NLP Training in Canada (or to be honest most of the USA). Get it - [...]

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My Way (or the highway)

There's a cool comedian/storyteller called Dave Roche. He's a guy who was terribly disfigured as an infant and has a shocking (some would say awful) appearance. Here's a quote from his website: “When I walk on stage, I encourage the audience to ask, 'What happened to your face?' “I then explain that I was born [...]

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Iams (No – not the cat food)

For as long as humans have been self-reflective, one of the elemental questions of human existence has been, “Who am I?” We take endless tests. IQ tests, personality tests, colour tests (Am I a green/yellow or a brown/orange?). We take the MMPI and the DSM-IV (rather the psychiatrist administers those), the LAB profile and the [...]

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Prevent Brilliant Ideas From Fizzling between your brain and your notebook

People are inherently creative. 

When it comes to creative thinking, it’s safe to say that at one time we have all been guilty of expressing our ideas before they were ready for prime-time at some point. Often when new ideas are being formed the words that come out of our mouths have only a passing [...]

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To help differentiate between 'truth' and filters, I often ask people to pretend they have different professions and imagine walking down a street. Depending on 'who you are', the details of the street will appear to be different to you. Landscapers will notice trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses. Car dealers will notice makes and models...etc. [...]

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