Corporate Training

Paving the way in NLP Corporate Training Programs!

The world’s leading companies know that investing in employee education and training is essential for the growth and success of any enterprise.  NLP Centres Canada offers customized corporate NLP training programs, presentations and effectiveness initiatives that produce clear results.

Whether you are looking for training programs or a one-day game changing seminar, NLP Centre Canada will introduce proven principals and techniques to effectively impact the heart of your organization.

In all of our trainings and seminars, we ensure that participants become a part of an interactive experience that challenges their current mode of thinking.  All of our training programs are customized, and whether you are looking to affect employee sales, communication, management, innovation, or overall efficiency NLP centres Canada can develop and implement a training program that your employees will talk about for years to come.

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We offer training on:

Outstanding Presentation Delivery – Learn the art of delivering outstanding presentations, going beyond just the use of PowerPoint! In our presentation training’s we teach you how to engage your audience and ensure that they effectively hear the messages you are trying to communicate.

Unconscious Communication Excellence – Discover and master the secrets to effective communication and make sure that your sales team’s message is clearly received each and every time.

Mastering Rapport – Develop the skills to build rapport with people quickly and easily. Learn simple, tested techniques that will help you put even the most defensive opponents at ease and pave the way for easy interactions.

All Star Sales – Want to close more sales and develop a winning sales force within your company? Learn what it takes to close the sale every time.

NLP Skills for Innovation – Learn the secrets of the worlds top innovators, develop the ability to think and create in a way you never before thought was possible.

NLP Skills for Consultants – Consultants are required to exhibit behavioural flexibility and respond to many stakeholders at the same time while keeping their own schedules and needs straight

Behavioural Ethnography Projects – Not a training course; this is a service we co-created to help Marketers deeply understand the unarticulated wants/needs/beliefs of their customers, and to help Employers deeply understand the culture of their organization, to learn how to align it with the business plan.

Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation to see if our custom corporate NLP trainings are right for your organization.