Introduction to NLP course.

“Try NLP before you BUY NLP!”

Curriculum: Full Introduction to NLP, plus (at least) 5 NLP Processes to take back home to use immediately to help yourself:

  • Achieve goals
  • Deal with personal and professional issues
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Deal with conflict
  • and more!

In a few short hours you can learn information to leverage the best of what Richard Bandler and John Grinder created almost 40 years ago! This course contains Certified NLP Practitioner training putting you ahead of the game for a very small investment.

“I truly enjoyed the course and am anxious to use some of the interesting tools you taught us. I think you packed more information into the one day than most week-long training courses do. I loved the small size of the class too, which not only made it more comfortable, but also made me feel like we were getting a very personal experience and one-on-one attention. I have to comment you, not only on your obvious knowledge and expertise, but also on your teaching ability (they don’t always go hand-in-hand). ” Lynette Angus LCSW-R – Niagara Falls, NY

Investment: $147 plus HST *(or FREE)

“Hugh was absolutely first rate. He packs in a huge amount of content, much of it unique to him, in an always entertaining way. I could not get enough.” – Andre Brunger – Mississauga

  • This price of this course is 100% deductible from the full fee if you take NLP CERTIFICATION Training from us within 12 months.

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