Coaching Testimonials


I’ve been trying to lose my last 10 pounds left over from my second pregnancy, for 3 years. 3 long years. Success only came after running an NLP pattern that I learnt from Hugh Comerford.  VPM –Toronto



We had only one session; that’s all it took. And I just received an offer from a competitor for 3 times what I was making when Hugh and I had our session. Name Withheld




One of the most important things for me at this time is to grow my business. This is where NLP has had the biggest impact for me. To be quite honest after my coaching training, I was like ” Okay, now what?”. I didn’t feel as though I had enough tools to work with clients on. Since learning NLP from Hugh, I now feel that I have the tools to coach my clients though stumbling blocks and especially for goal setting.  FE – Woodbridge, ON



I took Hugh’s training hoping to become more comfortable cold-calling people. In only 2 days of working with Hugh, my production has tripled! He didn’t teach me anything that I didn’t already know what to do – he taught me how to BE when I’m selling, which made all the difference.  RS  – Cambridge, ON



The most valuable gift I’ve received from nlp has been in my relationships. Whether it’s with family, close friends, or people at work, there’s a part of my day when others push my buttons and quickly turn a light debate into a heavy argument. Managing my emotions and the way I communicate with others is easy using the tools that Hugh teaches. I’ve used nlp to achieve goals in my relationships that at one time were hopeless. I’ve learned specific tools that right now are creating magical moments with the most awesome people, including training with the best nlp mentor around, thanks again Hugh!  Peter H – Mississauga, ON



I have been a national level athlete for 5 years now and have always struggled to make the top spots on the Canadian team. After taking Hugh’s course and using many of his techniques my training became more consistent. Then I competed at the Canadian national championships and finished 1 st all around and became the Canadian all around champion for 2005. Hugh’s program has literally changed my life.  NL – Mississauga, ON


Overcome a PhobiaOVERCOME A PHOBIA

I found out about NLP and Hugh through a good friend. When he first explained it, I literally laughed out loud. You see I had a paralyzing fear of hospitals. Something that is real bad to have when you have a deadly heart condition. As unreal as it may sound I had developed this fear after a surgery that left me in a coma for 3 days.

I woke with extreme pain and the people I love crying all around me and having so many machines hooked up to me I couldn’t even speak. I felt I had woken up to a living nightmare. Years passed and having a heart condition there were many test and hospitals visits which, most, believe it or not I would avoid as much as I could, regardless of it’s importance.

My fear was controlling me to that point, even with death looming over me, I would not go to a hospital. I was convinced I would die a painful death if I did. So as time passed I became much sicker and my heart began failing me more every day. This great friend of mine saw this and really wanted to help me. This is when he told me about N.L.P.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing could help this horrible fear from going away. But I gave in and agreed because he was nice enough to offer to pay for it. I was so scared at this point. Even on the day we were going to meet Hugh I felt anxious at just the idea of talking about hospitals and I felt so guilty because this silly friend of mine really thought this guy could help me.

Something really great happened. He gave me options I didn’t even know I had, taught me to approach the way I see things differently. When we started chatting I almost felt like he was breathing new life into me. At some points I cried and laughed . I knew something was going to be different for me when I left Hugh’s office but had no idea to what degree. When I got home I used  the exercises he sent me. My first experience with the new me came when I had to rush to the E.R because of my heart. Though things were happening around me at a quick pace I realized later on I hadn’t been scared. Still being the oh so skeptical person I can be I kind of convinced myself it was only because things had happen so fast. For the following months though I had no longer any problems with going to see doctors or go to clinics for test and so on. Now the reason this is such a big deal is well because of this new lack of fear. I could fight for myself fight for my health and do what needed to be done to save my own life.

You see I was also told I was dying and that there wasn’t much that could be done for me. With this new ability I could seek out doctors,do research and finally found a cardiologist that properly diagnosed me. Fear no longer had it’s hold on me.

I am currently on day 18 of heart surgery recovery.  I willingly walked into a hospital knowing they would operate on me. I couldn’t even believe it when I was in pre-op. I just remember sitting there feet dangling over the side of my bed, putting my gown on and being aware of the sounds, the smells and not having this overwhelming need to run because of this fear I had. I thought of Hugh and his “Witchcraft” (something I jokingly named NLP before meeting him). Today I feel stronger physically because of the surgery and mentally, thanks to Hugh and his “Witchcraft”.
At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, Hugh simply saved my life. I can now look forward to a long happy life all because I took a chance. We all like treating ourselves to something special sometimes, for me this was the best treat/gift I could have received and will always go down as being the best thing I ever did for myself.

The only negative thing I have to say about this whole thing, is that I wish I would have known about it sooner. Sincerely, Crystal P


Hi Hugh, I am doing way better with my fear of spiders since our session. I am killing them on my own and I have seen a lot less of them. I’m leaving for my trip next sunday and I’m positive that I’ll enjoy myself. Thank You very much for your help!  FV – Mississauga, ON 


I Can FLY! For more than 20 years I was a certified flying phobic! I took medications from Doctors which promised to curb anxiety, but nothing seemed to help. Every flight was a nightmare. Two years ago I was going on a family vacation, flying from Ottawa to Calgary. As the departure date came closer I became a wreck. In desperation I went to Hugh to see if he could help. He brought me through a process that took about 15 minutes. I didn’t feel as nervous about the flight, but wasn’t convinced until I was on the plane happily reading my book with no anxiety whatsoever!  Ann C. Lancaster ON


The weight of flight-anxiety has been removed. If you are looking to move past your internal beliefs & blocks and tackle the world, then investing in NLP with Hugh Comerford is your answer. I am now open to exploring our entire world of experiences. Hugh, my friend, thanks for the freedom :-)
Namaste  Mike Elora, ON