MODULE 1 – Self Management

Controlling your Behaviour

Self Management Training teaches several immediately-usable processes to assist individuals in managing state and behaviour. Participants will discover multiple ways to manage their own behaviour in various circumstances. In addition to helping with remedial behavioural issues such as ‘automatic’ behaviours: anger, frustration, and overall coping strategies, students will discover techniques to shift their own behaviour from un-resourceful to resourceful.

After completion, participants will:

  • Have a greater ability to recognize others states.
  • Recognize how to choose your behavioural state.
  • Manage their own behaviour.
  • Clear their states (have tools to quickly and simply reset their brains.)
  • Process tools to quickly help themselves and others find immediate self control.
  • Have an expanded number of behavioural choices for any situation.
  • Be able to recognize when they (and others) are congruent regarding a decision or action plan.


MODULE 2 – Accelerated Learning


In this Interactive Module, participants learn about perceptual positions and how discover how people filter the world through different perceptual positions, and specific techniques to help shift from one position to another. Each position has its own value depending on circumstances, however it is critical to have access to all three to be able to communicate effectively.

After completion, participants will be able to:

  • Lear new material at an accelerated rate.
  • Engage clients and candidates elegantly.
  • Understand how to communicate much more deeply with clients and candidates.
  • Have significantly increased understanding and tolerance for people unlike themselves.
  • Understand the world through the eyes of the client or candidate.
  • Set up goals for inevitability (rather than possibility)
  • Learn the art of win/win negotiations.
  • Learn how to understand the client’s needs and meet them.


MODULE 3 – Patterns of Excellence


This Experiential Module teaches the “under-the-hood” elements of how people communicate. By observing specific ways people behave while in conversation, participants will discover the inner strategies that the other person uses to communicate  – that they probably don’t know about themselves! Students will learn and gain instant rapport, know the other persons communication and learning strategies better than they do themselves.


MODULE 4 – Immersion & Integration

This is where it all comes together. Testing your newly formed skills, interacting with your course mates, you will make NLP work for you and for them. This module is the difference between knowing HOW to do NLP and having it available on behavioural menu 24/7.