The WealthyMind Program

The WealthyMind™ Program is course designed to teach you how to reframe your thinking and behavior so that it is leveraged towards seamlessly attracting more wealth and success into your life.  The Wealthy Mind Program was developed using practical Neuro–Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes as well as years of scientific research studying the thought patterns and behaviours of individuals who have already achieved a high level of success.

The WealthyMind™ Program is NOT a wealth building or financial strategies program – nor is it designed at simply increasing your motivation. This is a program is based on scientifically proven techniques, that are presented in a straightforward and easy to understand way.  The WealthyMind™ Program teaches you practical tools and the fundamental skills that are needed to create the success and prosperity you are looking for.

Learn how to the change beliefs that keep you from going to the next level

Your ability to achieve any goal, your effectiveness as a leader, and your influence over others ultimately hinges on your personal beliefs about money, wealth and success. Most people have unconsciously set limits on the degree of success and wealth that they deserve in their lives making it difficult to increase their current level of personal and financial abundance.

Most people don’t realize that the subconscious actually governs 95% of our efforts and that if there are subconscious beliefs that don’t align with what your goals that it can become almost impossible to achieve them. Often times people will achieve a certain amount of success only to find themselves inadvertently sabatoging their progress and returning them to where they started.

You Must Condition Yourself For Wealth

To achieve wealth, you must condition your mind on a subconscious level to hold beliefs that will support the goals and actions you take towards achieving it. That’s what we do at the WealthyMind™ Program. We start from the proven belief that YOU can become wealthy by training your mind to achieve the objective. We teach you the mental beliefs and attributes, which attract wealth and then assist you in learning the techniques to make these a part of your personal makeup.

 We’ve helped hundreds of people overcome and change their beliefs about money, wealth and success and we can help you. People who held beliefs such as:

  • You have to work hard to make money.
  • Money is hard to manage.
  • Money is something I feel guilty about having.
  • Money is a very personal or private matter.
  • Money is very difficult to get.
  • Money is something I don’t deserve.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Money causes pain.

 All of the above beliefs can create havoc on your ability to realize the level of abundance you desire. However, in the WealthyMind™ Program we will teach you how to uncover the unconscious beliefs you hold about anything—and everything—in your life. You will begin to understand how these beliefs have effected your life and then how to change these beliefs into ones that support you in achieving the success your deserve.

This testimonial came in exactly 30 days after he took the course:

“A few weeks after taking your course I have already sold half of what I sold all of last year. Money seems to be coming in from all directions as well…people paying me back, investments I forgot about…financial people appearing out of nowhere helping me make good decisions. People who have NEVER called me back are now asking for appointments. Best ROI I have ever spent on anything! WealthyMind is a MUST for anyone.”

– Neil Rampersad

Come identify and change your own limiting beliefs at the WealthyMind™ Program.  You will also learn the 9 Key Attractors for Wealth and Success. These are the keys to achieving your financial success! You will leave The WealthyMind™ Program knowing what you have to do to attract wealth NOW!


Your most important asset in achieving wealth is your mind

This incredible program shows you how to create the attitudes, behaviors, and ways of thinking that deliver wealth. Master your mind and you will achieve wealth and improve the overall quality of your life. That is the promise of the WealthyMind™ Program.

If you would like to have a WealthyMind course in your area, feel free to contact us. We are committed to bringing this training all over Canada!



This course is a bargain. Best money I spent in 2012.

Neil Rampersad


The Wealthy Mind. It is a home run experience I’d take again, as well recommend to anyone wishing to achieve.

 Mark Richardson


(The Trainer was) awesome, easy to learn from…. every word from begining to end that Hugh delivered, I was able to absorb.  It was sad when the course was over.  Hugh is great.


Fascinating what came out of me!  I had no idea that stuff from so long ago still had uch a strong emotional connection to me…  Work we did was priceless…  This weekend was a bargain man.