What is NLP

Lots of people get confused when they first hear about NLP because some may have experienced NLP by reading/hearing some Anthony Robbins material or spent a weekend with T. Harv Ecker (both of these guys owe their careers to NLP)…or heard of some supposed NLP Guru incoherently mumble about ‘anchoring’ (while smacking someone on the elbow) and think “Yeah…I know NLP”.

Here’s a review of Frogs Into Princes,  the first NLP book way back in the 1970s; “A readable, practical, and entertaining book about a challenging, original, and promising new discipline. I recommend it.” Dan Goleman, Associate Editor of Psychology Today

Notice who the quote is from? Dan Goleman is the guy who popularized the field of Emotional Intelligence.  Because of the bad and badly delivered information about NLP, people get rightly confused. They may really want to believe NLP works, but they’re not convinced.

Because of all the bad information floating out there, I get some odd questions. People call me all the time and ask me things like:

  • Is NLP mind control?
  • Really it’s just a bunch of tricks to manipulate people, right?
  • I heard the CIA uses NLP?
  • Hey – can I control people if I learn NLP?
  • Can NLP let me know when my husband is lying?
  • Will NLP get me a new job?
  • Can I use NLP techniques to improve my golf game?
  • Can I use NLP to be a better salesperson?
  • Will NLP help me deal with my anger?
  • Can you help me manipulate my boyfriend? (Believe me…she didn’t need any help!)

Here’s the best resource for learning about NLP http://nlpwiki.org/


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