“NLP for hypnotists is the thing every hypnotist needs, rather than buying all these damned protocols. It's all in the NLP!”

NLP for Hypnotists

This course was created to enhance the skills and knowledge of hypnotists worldwide; to give you a much deeper set of tools to achieve your clients' outcomes, and to deepen the skill sets to ultimately be more effective at your craft.

I took my first NLP course in 1993, and my first formal Hypnosis course 5 years ago and as much as this may sound a bit weird, I realized that I could have easily taught the course - not anywhere as well as my trainer Mike Mandel did - but I could have absolutely done a solid job. Why is that? How could a guy who never took formal hypnosis training be able to teach a course in hypnosis?

The (not so) hidden truth is NLP is based deeply in hypnosis, but hypnosis is not at all steeped in NLP. With notable exceptions, hypnosis trainers don’t tend to really know NLP all that well. Or if even if they think they do, they typically aren’t able to train the deep nuances at a level that is needed.

If you find that statement challenging, read on. 

That made me realize NLP and Hypnosis are taught separately... sort of.

NLP includes quite a bit of hypnosis, but hypnosis only includes aspects of NLP. It’s the super rare hypnosis training that does a good job including some NLP (Mike Mandel being that exception).

“I’ve learned more hypnosis in a few days of your NLP training than in my entire hypnosis course!!!”

And then this happened a few months ago:

An NLP student joined my class after taking a hypnosis certification course. After a few days, out of the blue she said, “I’ve learned more hypnosis in your NLP training than in my entire hypnosis course.”

And here’s the joke - she hadn’t taken the hypnosis part of the course yet!


If you’re a hypnotist, you’ve heard of NLP but maybe don’t understand what it can bring to your practice. 

  • If Hypnosis is the what, NLP is the then-what.
  • If Hypnosis is the cake, NLP is the second layer plus the icing (and maybe a candle or two)
  • If Hypnosis is the vehicle, NLP is the roadmap to all the coolest places.
  • If you think I’m saying NLP makes hypnosis better, you’re right but it’s better than that - NLP makes EVERYTHING better.
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And then this happened.

I had a couple of students in my class (January 2020) after 30 minutes one of them turned to the other and said, “We have officially learned more NLP since we’ve been here than in the entire NLP training we did at that other place.”

And the other place was teaching NLP for Hypnotists… and they were (ahem) extremely expensive. 

“We’ve learned more NLP in half an hour here than in the 4-day NLP course taken at that other place.”

“Your NLP class did not do the same thing as all the hypnosis courses I’ve taken - your course gave us the underlying understanding so that ALL OTHER THINGS now make more sense and can be implemented way more effectively.”

More than ever Hypnotists need to learn how the ‘secret sauce’ of NLP can make them more effective at their craft.

So I’m offering an NLP For Hypnotists course for the first (but definitely not the last) time!! 

“What we learned in the other place was like Kindergarten. Your course is like a Master’s Degree program!”

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