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The Most Complete NLP Training in Canada

NLP Centres’ Canada offers Canada’s most complete NLP Training Certification Program with a full 20 days of in-class NLP Training, exceeding Canadian and International NLP Training Certification standards.

We are well known for delivering top-notch content in a fun and dynamic context.

We guarantee our NLP Training is second-to-none in terms of content, adherence to standards, and in the skill used to deliver it.

NLP Trainer Hugh Comerford has over 25 years of professional NLP Training experience to create NLP Centre Canada’s highly experiential NLP Training programs.

Upon completion of the NLP Training Certification Course, we guarantee our students thoroughly understand high level NLP Principles and tools and how to effectively implement them in their lives and the lives of people they work with for learning, business, and personal development.

Our full NLP Training Certification Course is 20 full in-classroom days, and each segment of the course is designed to enhance and build on the previous one.   The NLP Training integration and review sections ensure skills and principles are deeply integrated in each student.

Canadian and International NLP Training Standards state “A MINIMUM of 120 hours of classroom NLP Training is necessary for the proper understanding and mastery of basic NLP techniques”.

“A six day NLP Training Certification is, from my personal point of view, pretty much a joke.”
– Dr. John Grinder

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 What You Will Learn At Our NLP Training Course

Discover the powerful skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a practical, scientifically tested method of influencing success and change in yourself and others faster and more easily than ever before, by becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner.

NLP Training has been instrumental in the success of literally millions of people around the globe. People have taken NLP Training specifically to help them in business, personal development, to enhance learning and more.



Some Ways NLP Training Will Improve Your Life:

  • Gain an enhanced capacity to understand others and yourself.

  • Become much more effective in communication and to selling your ideas.

  • Learn how to transform your own behaviours and the behaviors of other people.

You will benefit from learning from all 3 major evolutions of NLP: 

  • Classical NLP

  • New Code NLP

  • 3rd Generation NLP

We teach the skills and techniques to apply over 30 different NLP techniques, some of which are unique only to the NLP Centres Canada NLP Training program.  Also unlike many NLP Training programs, students are given the opportunity to practice every process they learn along the way to ensure maximum understanding and skill when delivering the techniques.

NLP Centres Canada offers Canada’s most complete NLP Training certification with a full 20 days of live interactive instruction; exceeding International and Canadian Certification standards at a fraction of the cost of others. 

Who Benefits From Becoming NLP Training Certified?

Anyone can benefit from learning the art and tools associated with NLP.  To be more specific, anyone who is interested in having better communication skills, understand and connecting more effectively with other people, have more effective tools to help out their clients, or who is looking to gain the edge in their personal achievement and success.

At NLP Centres Canada we have trained and helped people from many different areas of life:

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Social Workers, Coaches of all descriptions and Healers, Business Professionals: sales people, managers, business owners, leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, all looking for an edge to help themselves and their clients/customers/patients
Athletes and Personal Trainers
Educators, Corporate trainers and Speakers
Performers, actors, musicians
People looking to gain more insight into effectively create lasting change in themselves and others
And many more

Two of the 20 NLP Training classroom days are led by International Hypnosis Master Dr. Mike Mandel who will teach you his brilliant Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis course included in the price.

NLP Centres Canada Has Offered NLP Training Across Canada For almost 40 Years

We have trained literally thousands of people from all walks of life and have consistently received stellar reviews.  Our students have walked away with enhanced abilities to communicate, define and achieve goals, and control their behaviors and influence others with integrity.

We are internationally recognized as the go-to place for NLP Training in Canada and the Northern half of the USA.  Our track record, quality of training and skill of Practitioners continues to prove it over and over, year in and year out.

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