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20 Day NLP Certification Training

The Most Complete NLP Training In Canada. In the course, everything falls underneath one of the 5 sections below:


behaviour in real time. 


people better than they understand themselves.


with other people's unconscious minds. 


with complete integrity. 



"A six day NLP Training Certification course is, from my personal point of view, pretty much a joke."

- Dr. John Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally when people think of NLP the most common definitions are:

  • NLP is a set of tools for personal transformation
  • NLP is a set of tools to enhance communication 
  • NLP is a school of therapy

The truth is this: NLP is a set of tools, techniques and frameworks to extract the constituent elements of a talent, and aggregate these elements into a step-by-step process that anyone can use to improve their abilities with regard to that  particular talent.

We are internationally recognized, the only Canadian NLP Training organization represented in the NLP Leadership Forum. We train the most comprehensive NLP Certification Training course in Canada. NLP Centres CANADA has been training Practitioners, Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers for 40 years! 

The real question is why is everyone else's course so short!! 

Seriously though - we're the only Canadian NLP training to abide by the International standards that have been in place for decades. Others claim they meet standards, but in many cases, the organizations that set the standards are owned by the same trainers!

NLP Certification is not rocket science, but would you trust a dentist, doctor or airline pilot who had taken a super short course to do their thing with you involved?

I kinda doubt it...


We train in the penthouse boardroom of a historic building in the Financial District of downtown Toronto, Canada. 

The course is $3,000 plus HST. That's it - no additional fees for material or anything else.

Works out to about $150/day which is a crazy bargain when you think of it!

We train on Saturdays and Sundays only in Downtown Toronto. 

Next course begins in January 2020

January 11th & 12th
January 25th & 26th
February 8th & 9th
February 22nd & 23rd
March 7th & 8th
March 21st & 22nd
April 4th & 5th
April 18th & 19th
May 2nd & 3rd
May 23rd & 24th

What you get in our training

20 days of Training

Every 2nd Saturday and Sunday
9am - 4pm

2 days of Ericksonian Hypnosis

Taught by the incomparable
Mike Mandel

1 Certification

Yup...just the one. 

Hurry and save your spot for the next class

We start in only a few weeks. Save your seat before they’re all gone. We only train 12 people at a time.









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