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About NLP Centres Canada

Established in Ottawa in 1981, NLP Centres Canada has operated one of North America’s most complete NLP training centres for almost 40 years.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality NLP training as evident by our commitment to deliver a full 20-day Practitioner training and a full 24-day Master Practitioner training.

NLP Centres Canada believes in increasing awareness about NLP and its benefits as a tool of communication, efficiency and personal transformation. We are committed to providing only ethically based trainings and services and to reestablishing the technology of NLP as a powerful and effective tool that all people should know.

About Hugh Comerford

Hugh Comerford, director of NLP Centres Canada is a sought after professional trainer, coach and public speaker. Hugh became a practitioner of NLP in 1993, a master practitioner in 1997, and has studied under renowned teachers, Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier.

Hugh took ownership of NLP Centres CANADA in 2000 from Janice Gray, and has been teaching NLP to students across Canada ever since.

Hugh Comerford Is a Member of...

an exclusive group of NLP Trainers worldwide, working to legitimize the body of knowledge and field as a whole.

Hugh is well known in the corporate sector as an NLP and Certified Innovation Facilitator, and has worked with multiple multinational corporations around the world. Hugh’s unique approach has aided companies in the avenues of productivity, sales, communication and efficiency within the workplace.

Hugh first began developing his own NLP interventions while working with corporate clients and as an NLP coach, has assisted hundreds of individuals to overcome personal issues, and realize their goals.



"We are committed to the reputation and integrity of the field of NLP, we ensureĀ that student receive a complete and ethical understanding of the field of NLP and are prepared to utilize these techniques upon completion."

Hugh Comerford
Director of NLP Centres

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